Thursday, October 13, 2016

Trump's Breakthrough Insight: Reality Is Rigged.

Okay, Trump probably hasn't said that, but it's what you get when you add up what he does say is rigged.

What's the matter, Donald, why the sad face? Hint: reality.

Increasingly, Donald Trump has been emphasizing how everything is "rigged." Political system? Rigged. Economic system? Rigged. Mainstream media? Rigged.

We've got a new one now. Polling? Rigged. This latest one amounts to a tipping point because once you go there -- Romney and Ryan lived there in 2012 -- all kinds of things come into play. You tell your fervent supporters, and they believe you. For you, Donald, and your crew, have entered the ultimate confirmation bias zone: Anything against you is "bullshit." No wonder you're Great! Everything people are saying is wrong! Bigly!

An important component of this -- the irony that proves the rule, if you will -- is that were he winning, Trump wouldn't be claiming anything is rigged. So as his dreams crumble, as he loses his footing, he goes there, which is basically saying, "It's not my fault, it's everything and everybody else's fault."

Sorry, Donald, the system, though tilted from time to time, isn't rigged, not in the sense you mean. Bloomberg got it right:
But why hasn't the IRS leaked his tax documents? If members of Barack Obama's administration wanted to damage Trump's candidacy -- and they do, they really, really do -- why haven't they seeded the news media with juicy nuggets like his tax rate? His paucity of charitable donations? Perhaps his tax returns would even shed light on Trump's strange affection for Russia.
The IRS has been weaponized before. In 1971, President Richard Nixon told John Ehrlichman to turn the IRS loose on Democratic rivals, including Senator Edward M. Kennedy. "There's a lot of gold in them thar hills," Nixon said.
Yet the IRS under Obama has thus far leaked nothing on Trump. The ultimate irony, of course, is that Trump is counting on the agency being administered legally and fairly to protect his secrets -- even as he complains that everything is corrupt.
So, what do you think, class? Will Donald feature reality in the closing days of his campaign? I doubt it. We've come to realize that facts don't matter, as Trump lies considerably more that he tells the truth. In fact, Trump's telling the truth is truly a random event. When he's speaking in that stream-of-consciousness mode of his, he says, literally, whatever the fuck he thinks will support his cause at that precise moment in time. Moments later he can contradict himself, but it doesn't matter. The new statement is the truth, believe me.

Ultimately, Donald Trump is actually right: Reality is rigged. Funny thing is, he's doing the rigging. Sorry, but that only works in a closed-loop universe. When others get a say -- er, like the voters -- reality intervenes.

And that's why Donald Trump avoids it. Weird how that works.

Note. I'm really sorry for providing a link in this post to Alex Jones' InfoWars. Needed it to make my point. But still, sorry, so sorry. My advice is to erase your browser history and rinse your mouth out with vodka.

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