Thursday, August 18, 2016

Trump's War on Political Correctness: Letting the Prejudice Genie Out of the Bottle

Call it racism, religious liberty, "love" of country, call it whatever. It's permission to hate and mistrust "them," whoever "they" are.

There's a reason this is the face of Trump.

"They" are not "us." "They" are the bad ones, for whatever reason. That's the emotion Donald Trump seeks to free in us all, I'm sorry to say. Any way I can find to listen to it, that's what I hear in Trump's soliloquy: They're bad, they're crooked, they're corrupt, they want to steal from you, steal your rights, your money, your place in society. You could have it all, if only they'd stop with their sneaky corrupt food stamps, Medicaid, and so on. "They" have their secret, corrupt ways of taking what's yours, your tax money, your nice house, your nice car, your nice job. If you don't have any or all of this, it's "their" fault, not yours.

If you elect Donald Trump, you'll get to keep your stuff, all your Real True American stuff. If you elect Hillary Clinton, she'll let "the other people" steal all your Real True American stuff.

That's all bullshit, of course. Trump can't actually accomplish any of that, and Clinton isn't trying to take anything from you. But for the average white guy, this is what the "issues" boil down to. The average white guy feels he's losing, and Trump gives them permission to be really fucking pissed, and really fucking allowed to be incredibly angry about it.

No More Mister Nice Guy. Trump says that's OK. Hillary says sorry, let's be nice and work together to make progress as a society.

Trump lets you say, "That's fucking bullshit. It's my America, it's my stuff, it's mine, fuck off!!"

Sure, there are issues, but however any issue is dissected, for Trump's average white guy, the blacks, the Hispanics, the Muslims, the women, hell, even the Asians and the Jews, all of them, STOP TAKING AWAY WHAT WAS ALWAYS MINE, MINE. IT'S MY AMERICA, NOT YOURS.

That's how the issues are settled in Trump's politically incorrect world.

Is that what you want? That's not what I want. That's not the world we should live in.

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