Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Another Day, Another Example of Trump's Ignorance

There's no denying Donald Trump is larger than life. But his ignorance is larger than life, too.

Acting stupid used to get you benched.

A major feature of the Donald Trump campaign has been the recurring examples of his colossal ignorance. Here's a not necessarily exhaustive list:
  • He didn't know that Russia had made major incursions into Ukraine.
  • He didn't know that it was potentially treasonous to recommend a foreign adversary hack into a government-related email system (treasonous because it's potentially a form of warfare).
  • He didn't know that the U.S. is required by treaty to support all NATO allies against foreign attack.
  • He didn't know that the very existence of NATO has helped prevent war in Europe for over sixty years. (Minor exception: conflicts in the former Yugoslavia, which were resolved by NATO. He probably didn't know that either.)
  • He didn't know to avoid criticizing parents of fallen soldiers.
  • He didn't know that there are laws that help women avoid sexual harassment without "changing careers."
  • He didn't know not to mess with the "full faith and credit" of U.S. government debt.
  • He didn't know that the Constitution and American law forbid religious discrimination.
  • He didn't know the size and shape of the Constitution itself (said he'd defend all twelve articles; there are only seven).
I could go on. No links because you already know this or can google it yourself. While I was searching for examples of Trump's ignorance, I came upon this good explanation of the nature of Trump's ignorance:
Like most humans, Donald Trump knows a few things, and enjoys talking about the things he knows. Unlike most humans, however, he does not possess an instinctive sense of humility that moderates his compulsion to talk about things of which he knows nothing. The result is a sort of person we have all met at one time or another, the sort of person who, when an unfamiliar topic arises, responds with an unjustly confident argument cobbled together from obviously impossible nonsense supplemented with misremembered snippets from sources he’s long forgotten.
Sounds about right. But here's the point: Can you recall anyone who appeared this generally ignorant of facts, figures, and history that would be required of a generally competent president? I do, and that person is George W. Bush. Do we want a repeat -- in spades -- of that?

Heckuva job, Republican Party.

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