Thursday, August 11, 2016

Trump Gunning for Votes: The NRA Loves Me!

While his support unravels even among Republicans, Donald Trump reaches out to gun nuts who swallow the "they're coming for your guns" meme.

I'll scare Americans, and you give me money. Deal?

Donald Trump trots out his two-fer on guns -- Hillary's going to take your guns away, so, er, buy some more and shoot her, OK? -- and it's hard to not notice that his double play has money at the heart of it.

The NRA is now piling tons of cash into ad campaigns on behalf of the gun-loving Donald (who knew how much he loved guns?), and no doubt his campaign is sending heaps of emails warning his swarm that, unless they send him cash, Hillary's going to personally steal their Glocks from under their pillows and give them to the gays to melt down into gay pride parade floats.

All this makes about as much sense as Obama and Clinton being the co-founders of ISIS -- can't make this stuff up -- but then Trump stopped making sense about ten minutes after the Democratic Convention finished, though we may never know the exact moment when he stopped making sense. The Wayback Machine may not go back far enough.

Speaking of melting down, Time has a piece on Trump's very own "I'm melting, melting!"

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