Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Donald Trump Rewards Populist Base with Tax Cuts for the Rich!

So, Donald Trump "resets" by joining The Club for Growth, who can't stand him. Go figure. (You think he needs cash for his campaign? Hmm...)

Maybe Monopoly game references are passé, but it's weird that when
we were kids we were taught to be greedy, money-grubbing bastards.

Maybe the "poorly educated" working-class whites don't totally get that the GOP became a closed-loop mafia that fed money to the elite donor class so they'd toss them scraps in return, but you'd think they'd go WTF when Trump's jobs plan amounts to massive tax cuts for our super-wealthy corporate overlords. But you'd be wrong:
Donald Trump had an opportunity to be a different kind of Republican. Trump openly disdained traditional conservative elites — making a populist case that resonated with working-class white voters. He won the Republican nomination with hardly any support from conservative intellectuals.
But now, he appears to have decided that their ideas aren’t so bad after all.
"All Hillary Clinton has to offer is more of the same: more taxes, more regulations, more bureaucrats, more restrictions on American energy and American production," Trump said Monday in an economic speech delivered in Detroit. Of course, this critique goes both ways: With the important exception of trade, Trump’s economic agenda is little different from the one Mitt Romney ran on in 2012.
Trump’s speech contained a number of ideas that have become staples of conservative thinking, including repealing the estate tax or reducing the number of regulations in the federal register. The working-class voters who seem most attracted to Trump don’t particularly benefit from many of these ideas.
Let's see: Trump becomes a white working-class hero -- in spite of the fact that he's stinking rich -- and then turns around and acts like Mitt Romney when it comes to dispensing the spoils.

Hey, white working class: He never -- as in NEVER -- gave a shit about you. NEVER. Of course, go ahead and vote for him because Hillary's a bitch or something.

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