Sunday, July 24, 2016

Russians Punk the DNC with Hacked Emails. Who Do You Vote For Now?

Cyber experts agree: Putin is behind Wikileaks' DNC email leak. If Putin has his thumb on the scales for Trump, what do disenchanted progressives do?

Punked by Putin on behalf of Trump. What does that tell you?

It should be clear by now that the mutual admiration society that is Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump -- especially in light of Trump's weak stand behind NATO -- is both dangerous and, to a certain extent, treasonous. What presidential candidate opens his yap and says he won't stand behind a treaty that has held back the Soviet Union, and now greater Russia, for 60 years?

We know that Donald Trump has trouble raising capital -- Deutsche Bank is the only bank in the West that will still deal with Trump -- and has for some years looked to Russian interests, in Putin's orbit, for money to bail out his shaky deals.

Now a Wikileaks release of DNC emails that disparage -- only by implication -- the Clinton campaign occurs on the eve of the Democratic National Convention. Naturally, the Clinton campaign blames the Russians, but a funny thing happened on the way to Trump's outraged reaction: It turns out that even the experts in the field point to Putin and his Russkiy hackers as responsible for the email hack and leak.

My question to the still disgruntled progressives threatening to either vote for Trump or libertarian Gary Johnson is: What part of letting this capitalist thug aided and abetted by his communist/capitalist thug become president sounds hunky dory to you?

Get a grip, people. Even if you believe that Hillary Clinton is in the tank for Wall Street and whatever other nefarious American elites, it would be batshit crazy to help a known sleazeball tycoon with ties to Russian oligarchs become president. The worst that Hillary can do -- besides also supporting A LOT OF THE PROGRESSIVE POLICIES SHE AND BERNIE SANDERS ALREADY AGREE ON -- is maybe let Wall Street keep being Wall Street. Big fucking whoop.

Here's the deal, in a nutshell:
  • The right wing has spent millions besmirching Hillary on nothing-burgers like Benghazi, the emails, and countless other absurdities because they feel she IS A THREAT TO THEM. Not a good reason to help Trump.
  •  She is a known quantity, and that known quantity is a pragmatist that makes incremental progress either by throwing the moneyed interests a bone so that they'll back her center-left policies or she gets thrown a bone, a morsel, by the moneyed interests because she lets them have victories that bring them an increase in their wealth and power. BUT SHE STILL GETS SOMETHING FOR US THAT WAY. Not liking this way of doing business isn't a good reason to help Trump.
  • Her politics are both to the left of Barrack Obama AND more likely to deliver than he was when dealing with the Republicans. So, we move forward. WE'RE NOT GETTING THE BERNIE SANDERS REVOLUTION WE WANTED THIS CYCLE, so let's accept this incremental leap forward. Wanting to tear down the whole damned thing with a Trump vote is not a good reason to help Trump.
Sorry for all the yelling. Read this, this, this, and this, and then vote for Donald Trump. Or please don't. Thank you.

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