Friday, July 29, 2016

DNC Bully Smackdown Leaves Trump Upset

Poor Donald's fee-fees got hurt. His reaction proves the DNC case.

Trump yaps...and yaps...and yaps. But dude, where's the policy? Oh, right. (Isn't any.)

Uh oh, Donald wants to smack somebody:

Yes, as Slate's Josh Voorhees points out:
More striking to me, though, is that both sides believe they can use Trump’s tough-guy act to their advantage. The overarching narrative of the DNC criticism of Trump was that he is a thin-skinned bully who can’t be trusted to keep his cool when provoked. And here was Trump, in effect, saying the very same thing—to cheers.
Weird but true. Dem side attacks Trump for doing what the Repubs love about him. Hmm.

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