Saturday, February 27, 2016

Yes, Mr. President, Nominate Elizabeth Warren for SCOTUS!

Someone was going to come up with this, it might as well be Dahlia Lithwick.

Eminently qualified, exceptionally well-suited, therefore, no chance whatsoever.

Dahlia Lithwick of Slate nails it:
There are a few lessons to be drawn from the Sandoval trial balloon: First, there is no point in Obama picking a conservative or even a so-called “consensus” candidate. Obama pretty clearly couldn’t get a vote if he nominated Eugene Scalia, the former justice’s son—this is the hill Mitch McConnell has chosen to die on. This issue will either remain in the forefront of the national conversation about the 2016 elections, or it will fade away. It’s in Obama’s and the Democrats’ interest to ensure that this unprecedented and wholly unprincipled obstruction remain an election issue every single day.
So right, Dahlia, so let's stir up the ultimate hornet's nest. And as you pointed out, the White House completely trolled the GOP with Sandoval. Please, please, Mr. President, nominate Elizabeth Warren. Go out in style! (and help your party, too.)

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