Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Donald Trump (Quoting a Fan's Outburst) Called Ted Cruz a P***y for Being Against Torture

There's a really good reason why Donald is wrong about torture and Ted Cruz: Cruz doesn't think waterboarding is torture.

Ted Cruz eyeing the Donald: He's setting the bar too low for the GOP. At least I'm in!

They're all in for torture, the GOP candidates. Hard to believe, but it's true. Just as Trump trumped the immigration debate, so did he with his "I'd waterboard the shit out of them" comment. Where do you go from there?

To be clear, Rand Paul did not support torture and did not use a "waterboarding is not torture" escape clause. Just no torture. But the rest have acquiesced to some kind of torture of terrorists. This is very disturbing to John McCain, whose days in a Vietnamese prison made him a fierce opponent of the practice.

This is where the Republicans have ended up on torture. The Dems are completely opposed. Here's a stark line drawn. Again, Heaven help us if the Republicans take full control next year.

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