Sunday, February 7, 2016

Requiem for a Lightweight: Marco Rubio Takes a Licking

The junior senator from Florida needs fresh batteries after his robot got stuck on Obama derangement syndrome.

Water-bottle panic: no longer the most embarrassing Rubio move.

We don't know that this is the end of Rubio's chances to be president, but today dawned on a significantly diminished candidate. Every mag and rag, from Slate and the WaPo to the NYTimes and even the National Review ran with the story of the Thrilla in Vanilla, of Rubiobot walloped by the Brute in the Suit four podia to the right.

I'm no fan of any once and future occupant of the GOP clown car, AKA Republican candidates, but it sure has at least one flat tire this morning. Marco Rubio may manage to get pumped up again for South Carolina, but in line with the expression "politics ain't bean bag" I'd say the Rubio we knew is badly bruised in New Hampshire's aftermath.

Yes, we haven't even counted New Hampshire votes, as we shall on Tuesday. But, going forward, Rubio is a man without a schtick, at least temporarily. Mojo? Marcomentum? A snowball's chance?

I can't imagine at this point what's left.

Schooled from afar.

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