Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pope Says Trump "Not Christian." Which GOP Candidate Is?!?

Pope Francis looks at Trump's immigration ideas and spots someone who never asked "What would Jesus do?" All the GOP candidates stand for things Jesus would have a hard time with.

Francis is right about Trump. But he doesn't ask himself "Who would Jesus molest?"

Yes, I have issues with the pope because -- among other things -- he's faking it on church concerns about pedophilia. So I call him the world's nicest asshole. He deserves it.

But on the Trump issue, he's right. But I'd go further (or wish that he would). Which GOP candidate qualifies as a true Christian despite all their declarations? Not a one of them stands up against the use of torture, and all of them either call for its outright use or refuse to rule it out.

Bush is better on the immigration thing, and Kasich hems and haws and hopes people take from that that he's not a fully committed asshole.

OK. Kasich is in favor of torture. You're in or you're out. No "sorta torture just in case."

Jeb Bush?

Now, the media, ever ready to not take a stand, would say both Kasich's and Bush's views on torture are "nuanced." They're not nuanced. They'd torture. Fuckers.

So, fine about the pope. None of them are Christians. Who would Jesus torture? Who would Jesus deport? Who would Jesus execute? Who would Jesus haul his AR-15 out and blow away? Who would Jesus deny healthcare to? Whose food stamps would Jesus cut?

The list is endless. Regardless of the pope, I ask,"What kind of country would you want to live in?" Go see Michael Moore's new flick. Afterwards, one thing you should have noticed: It's not a political film. If you think it is, you're, er, not Christian, that's for sure, though you don't have to be a Christian to want what Moore wants for us. I don't mind saying it's what I want for us.

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