Thursday, February 11, 2016

Malheur "Protesters'" Big Mistake: Brandishing Guns

The ranchers' revolt featured weapons and the threat of deadly force to secure their "liberty" to protest and make demands. Real smart.

Confounding father: Was the 2nd Amendment your ticket to jail?

Yeah, I know the "protesters" at Malheur were cowboys and ranchers and all and as such had a God-given right to act like they were in a Larry McMurtry novel. So they did.

And ended up in jail. Without waving the firearms around in a threatening manner, their almost certain jail time could have been avoided. Now it's time to measure their cells and learn that their cellmates are named Deonte, Malcolm, Alberto, and so forth.

Oh, and final irony: As convicted felons, they can kiss their firesticks goodbye. Forever.

Praise the Lord and pass the 2nd Amendment.

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