Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Washington Post Thinks Ted Cruz Should Use His Children as Props, but Its Political Cartoonist Should STFU.

Ted Cruz campaigning.

Ted Cruz campaigning.

Okay. I've preserved this for all (Internet) eternity. WaPo's editorial chief Fred Hiatt has saved the U.S. from crass political commentary. Apparently rooting for every possible war scenario Hiatt can think of is not tasteless, but cartoonist Ann Telnaes mocking Cruz's use of his children in public is.

Fred Hyatt wants more war, and Ted Cruz wants to carpet-bomb ISIS. Birds of a feather.

Note. I just read a lot of comments on the Editor's Note in place of the cartoon. The main theme of the comments was Telnaes should be fired and so should Hiatt. Many commenters decried the "racist" use of monkeys to represent the children. Not one commenter realized that the use of monkeys was not meant as any attack on the children's character but an attack on Cruz's character for using his own daughters as an organ grinder might use monkeys. People are dense sometimes. Oh well.

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