Tuesday, December 22, 2015

So, on Conservatives, the Wall St. Journal and Fox News Haz Got Schizoid? Oh MGs!

Ted Cruz to the WSJ: What did I do now? Nothing, Ted. They just hate your guts.

Salon just ran a story full of holiday cheer, if you're a Dem, that is.
In this election, the right is clamoring for an “outsider,” if only to protest against an establishment that has taken them for granted. And this internal dissent has upended the Republican presidential race. Candidates like Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz owe much of their success to this resentment.
It appears the GOP’s intrafamilial squabble has spilled onto the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal.
As Politico reported, the Journal has turned its guns on Ted Cruz, the ascendant outsider candidate. Cruz is a talented demagogue; he knows his evangelical base and he’s made every effort to woo them. Although a sitting U.S. senator, Cruz has positioned himself as the anti-establishment candidate, someone who will force the “Washington cartel” to deliver the goods to religious conservatives. This was clear enough in September when Cruz vowed to shut down the government over funding for Planned Parenthood, a move he knew had no chance of succeeding.
The Journal has become increasingly critical of the Texas senator, and for very good reasons. It represents the establishment, and its editorial page studiously defends deregulation, supply side economics and interventionism, all of which are essential to mainstream Republicanism – they’ve never been particularly concerned with the culture wars.
Here's the deal: Ted Cruz has taken on the establishment in spades, mocking both John Boehner and Mitch McConnell for not having the guts to destroy our government to save it. And, while he's at it, he's slopping up all the evangelical love he can find. He's nailing down the religious crazies in his party. But that, according to the WSJ, is bad for business, at least the business end of the Republican Party, you know, the part the party that conned the religious conservatives so they could cut taxes and make the rich richer. Stop abortion, birth control, and same-sex marriage? Not so much.

Funny thing is that over at Fox News -- which, last time I looked, was also owned by Rupert Murdoch -- they're going wild for Ted Cruz. Check it out here, here, and here.

We knew the Republican Party was a big tent, filled on one side by the people that hate our Muslim president and on the other side by the people that hate our tax-loving president.

At least they're united in their hate. Now if they can only get behind one candidate, they could have a chance in 2016. Come on, News Corp., pick your candidate so we can really know why we hate Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

FYI, Cruz thinks the WSJ is in the tank for Rubio. Could be. My prayer is that from this point on, the GOP primary season begins more and more to resemble Animal House.

In the end, who reads the WSJ? Business people, I would assume (Quora, the question-answering website, attempted to find out). Who watches Fox News? Oh, right. Or Fox Business News? I should have known.

The more you think of it, this guy has already won.

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