Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Pragmatist in Me Says Hillary. The Human in Me Says Bernie.

I'm going to stop playing electability games. He's the best, he has my vote.

Yes, I've thought I'd support Hillary Clinton in the primary because she's the most electable, which I have no doubt she is. I don't fear a Hillary presidency because I think she'll deliver on almost all the things I support. Maybe not all the way. Hell, Obama sure didn't, but not for the lack of trying.

But there's a different test. What does Bernie Sanders actually represent? While watching him being interviewed by Rachel Maddow last night, it hit me. Bernie is the real deal. He speaks, and I agree, on every issue. Okay, except one. He's soft on guns -- he's from a rural state, duh -- and I'm for banning them all, except for hunting guns with background checks and waiting periods and required training and all that.

So I'm going to vote for Bernie Sanders in the CA primary and talk him up for the rest of the primary season. CA is Hillary country, probably, so, so what? I will stand with the man who is head and shoulders above every candidate this year.

That makes me feel good. Even as the country around me seems to be morphing into 30s Italy or something. But about Bernie, I feel good. You should, too.

Interview with Bernie Sanders, Part 1. It starts with an examination of the Overton Window (which I couldn't edit out, but it's interesting stuff). Trump moves it the wrong way. Sanders moves it the right way. Anyway, this is the real Bernie Sanders. I like this politician. He seems, well, human.

Part 2.

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