Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Is Antonin Scalia Channeling Trump or Just Letting His True Feelings Out for a Walk?

I've been a racist asshole all my time on the bench. You just getting that??

In one of the weakest affirmative action cases to hit the Supreme Court since, I don't know, the last time they heard this case, the Supremes listened to it again. There was one clear difference this time: Antonin Scalia just came out and said it.

Thanks, Amanda Marcotte of Salon for the Twitter link and the excellent article analyzing the nonsense that is Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin. Salient point:
Throughout her now seven-year campaign to make the school pay for not letting her in, Fisher has never been able to produce any evidence that the school tossed her application to make room for a less qualified minority applicant. That’s because, as UT Austin has maintained throughout this ordeal, Fisher was never getting in to their school. Fisher’s GPA and SAT scores weren’t high enough, and she didn’t have enough external accomplishments to convince the school to give her a shot otherwise. As Pro Publica explained at the time:
It’s true that the university, for whatever reason, offered provisional admission to some students with lower test scores and grades than Fisher. Five of those students were black or Latino. Forty-two were white.
Neither Fisher nor Blum mentioned those 42 applicants in interviews. Nor did they acknowledge the 168 black and Latino students with grades as good as or better than Fisher’s who were also denied entry into the university that year.
Fisher’s case only makes sense if you assume that people of color are inherently less worthy than white people. How else do you justify an argument that assumes that every white person should have been given a shot before minority students do?
The transcript of Scalia's remarks in the tweet above indicates he believes he can justify the argument.

Good grief. And we thought the Donald was the crazy person this news cycle. Move over, Trump.

Before going ballistic on Scalia because of his inherent racism, consider that the Court may be poised to rule against affirmative action. Double good grief.

This, in the end, only amplifies what I've been saying: We are a racist country, always have been.

You know, I couldn't have made this up, even if I were Chris Rock. Jeebus.

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