Monday, December 14, 2015

The World Comes Together to Fight Climate Change. Only the Republicans Refuse.

Even the Chinese are onboard. Three guesses why.

The world came together on climate change and global warming. The whole world. Well, almost.
If a Republican wins the presidency in 2016, then there’s nothing to worry about if you’re someone who doesn’t think climate change is real. Several GOP candidates have pledged that they wouldn’t go to a meeting like Paris, despite all of America’s major allies sending their top leaders. 
Jeb Bush wouldn’t waste his time, and Donald Trump thinks even sending a vice president “might be too high a position.” Chris Christie said Obama is “focused on the wrong climate change.” “The climate change that we need is the climate change in this country,” he said, suggesting that issues such as race and religion should take priority. Marco Rubio insisted the climate “has always been changing” and there is no consensus on “what percentage of that is due to man’s activity.” Not to be outdone, Ted Cruz is hosting a hearing next week disputing climate change science.
“I watched much of his press conference, and his passion comes when he’s talking about climate change,” Carly Fiorina said of Obama on a conservative radio show. “He has no passion when he’s talking about defeating our real enemy, which is ISIS.”
Moreover, both the House and Senate voted to overturn the Environmental Protection Agency’s power plant regulations. The House vote fell in the middle of the Paris talks this week, in an attempt to cast doubt on the U.S.’s commitment to its own domestic proposals that are so key to the agreement. Obama, of course, will veto it.
The whole world is wrong and the Republicans are right. When will the GOP stop this nonsense? Hint: when they can no longer get away with it, and not a day sooner.

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  1. I watched a lot of this on France 24, and was inspired watching, Merkel,Xi,Putin,and Obama come up and make rousing speeches on climate change,listening to speakers from the Philippines, Bangladesh, and Island nations detailing the disaster they faced and getting a real sense of the complications they faced to hammer out this agreement.
    On the morning of the speeches by the world leaders I watched two network news channels talking about the conference and heard nothing about the content of the speeches or the workings of the conference. I did, however, hear a form of the word terror more than a dozen times.