Wednesday, December 16, 2015

GOP Fifth Debate: Republicans Are the Party of Hate and Fear

"I'll bomb the crap out of them!" "No! I'll bomb the crap out of them!"

There were three themes in the fifth -- and final, for 2015 -- Republican debate:
  • Barack-Obama-and-Hillary-Clinton is one beast with two heads that has "made our children less safe." This Obama-Clinton beast is also the worst beast ever, I mean ever.
  • I'm tough, no, I'm tough was the key theme of the night.
  • Fear, fear, fear, no, really, fear, like really, fear!
We in the U.S. were watching a pretty silly and rambunctious GOP primary season, and then Paris, followed quickly by San Bernardino, happened. Since then, it's fear, hatred, bomb-the-shit, no I'll freaking carpet-bomb them.

Not a pretty picture. Not saying it won't be effective at "ginning up the base." But if the Republican Party thinks becoming the hate-and-fear-24/7 party will win them the White House, then they better hope ISIS is not contained or that we have more terrorist attacks. Because if we don't, it'll be November 2016 and they'll be beating a pretty dead horse. But they were already. Or maybe they were carpet-bombing it.

Sorry, but what a crap fest. Ugly. You find the links. Nobody won. My eyes and ears lost.

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