Friday, August 7, 2015

The GOP Field's Empty Rhetoric on Foreign Policy

Jimmy Olson, boy governor, sidles up to Sir Donald Trump.

Fred Kaplan of Slate points out the painfully obvious:
Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, who by all estimates won the debate because she seems capable of talking and thinking at the same time, said that defeating terrorism required “a different mindset,” in which law enforcement and intelligence agencies would cooperate. (Apparently, this insight has eluded Obama and George W. Bush before him.)
Fiorina also said that, on her first day in office, she would tear up the Iran nuclear deal, after calling her “good friend Bibi Netanyahu,” and then, on the second day, hold a summit with our Arab allies, including her “friend King Abdullah of Jordan.” These acts and conversations would send a signal that “America is back in the leadership business.” At the moment that she said this, the ambassadors from Britain, France, and Germany were urging 30 members of Congress to support the Iran deal, saying that rejection would trigger a “nightmare” and a “catastrophe”—thus sending a signal that they were fine with American leadership as is.
Fiorina was by no means the only "foreign policy expert" Kaplan disembowels in his piece. Read it and pray none of these clown-car luminaries make it out of the car.

Update. Just read Krugman's piece of the GOP debate and the GOP field. Yep, he sees it just about the way Kaplan does, only not looking just at foreign policy. It's not pretty.

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