Saturday, August 15, 2015

Oh Boy, Fiorina Is in Favor of Anti-Vaxxer Kids Spreading Measles and Other "Exotic" Diseases

Fiorina is for vaccination choice, but she's American, so freedom!

I know I don't live in the world of epistemological closure, like Fox viewers, so I remember when everybody got that we do vaccines for the common good. We wipe out a disease, our kid doesn't get it. But those days are gone.

Carly Fiorina is only the latest tool to rile up the crazy, crazy base in hopes of keeping her poll numbers up, so I'm not surprised she came out in favor of vaccination choice, which means my kid doesn't get vaccinated and kids that are in the neighborhood, the school, the county, the region can expect that epidemics can spring up and make some kids very sick, in danger of going deaf or even dying, all because unvaccinated. Hey, fuck yeah! Freedom. (My oldest brother got measles when he was three, and it made him profoundly deaf. But, hey, he got over it.)

Thanks, whatever crew conspired to push this nonsense (google the assholes). The beat, and the danger, goes on.

The epidemic last year started in Disneyland, but the link to the
 story up above is from the Centers for Disease Control,
 not Fox News, so I don't know how reliable it is.

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