Thursday, August 20, 2015

Is the Ashley Madison Data Dump Fair to the Cheaters? (Josh Duggar Edition)

Updated below!

I can't wait for Ashley Madison: the Movie. Okay, I guess I can.

It seems quite the violation of privacy to get outed for using a website that helps you arrange marital infidelities -- even if it's sort of wimpy to use a service to arrange such things. Whatever happened to putting in the time and actually "earning" your dalliances by finding them yourself? But, oh well.

Amanda Marcotte -- a feminist writer who gets to weigh in on so many aspects of the push-pull between and among the sexes and does an admirable and nuanced job of it -- gives us permission to express glee at at least one outed philanderer: wouldn't you know it, Josh Duggar.
It’s not like domestic violence or rape, which are often kept quiet but are, in fact, the business of everyone else in the larger community because violence is a violation of the social contract. Or even just creepy or harassing behavior. When you harass someone, you really don’t deserve a modicum of privacy. These behaviors are about maintaining basic order and setting a standard for how we treat people, regardless of who they are. It’s about ensuring that we all have a right to safety that other people can’t violate.
But cheating is about violating a deeply personal agreement between two people. If the person you’re with doesn’t care if you sleep with other people, it’s not cheating. It’s all about an agreement that you decide between yourselves, and like all such agreements, the only people who should care what you do are people who your behavior directly affects. It’s not the business of the world at large.
Unless you’re Josh Duggar, of course. Or anyone else who fights publicly to use government interference to mess with the private sexual choices of consenting adults. If you fight for the government to limit or ban gay people’s marriages or women’s reproductive choices, then your sex life is our business. If only there were a way to do a targeted search of Ashley Madison data for that, while leaving everyone else alone.
When the Jimmy Swaggarts, Jim and Tammy Faye Bakers, Ted Haggards and, yes, Josh Duggars of this world are brought low, schadenfreude is called for. Loudly. Read the Gawker on young Josh. What are his turn-ons? I was reading, gleefully, then had to turn away. It was that much of a trainwreck. Maybe you'll feel differently. But, seriously, ROTFLMFAO.

Family Research Council, I got your research right here.

Not in support of infidelity here. Just lovin' me some justice.

Update.  Josh Duggar, like all good Christians, is getting all confessional on us. If he were a preacher he'd be on stage crying his eyes out and declaring what a sinner he is. Ha. Ha.

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