Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ruth Marcus' Bitter, Unfair Column Against Obama's Defense of the Iran Deal (Which She Supports!)

Ruth Marcus: polishing her bonafides as Post reporter by blasting Obama.

Yes, Ruth Marcus takes Barack Obama to task for disrespecting his opposition on the Iran deal. How does she do it? By disrespecting him on the way he defends a deal she approves. Yes, Marcus approves of the Iran deal and believes that Obama should naturally press for its adoption.

So what's the problem? Hey, Obama, you're not doing it right. What are we, back in middle school again? No, with Marcus we're inside the Beltway where intelligent minds melt into nonpartisan centrists with rat poison in their veins.

Funny thing, it hasn't happened to Barack Obama (he's not a pundit or an actual partisan). He's just gotten tired of coddling an opposition that would disapprove of him making Monday "I-love-those-darned-Republicans-Day!"

Read Marcus' column (plus the priceless comments), then wonder why she sits on the Post perch. Oh yeah, it's because she plays by Beltway rules. Real mature conversation you got going there.

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