Saturday, September 27, 2014

When White Men Ruled Our Country

Here is a picture of a cabinet meeting during Richard Nixon's presidency. I wanted to share it with the white males who long for the day when they, and only they, ran things. Weird, huh?

A black man slipped into this meeting. He doesn't have a "seat at the table," though. Wonder what he's doing there.

Would we want to go back to those days, even if we could? I can't imagine why, but then I can imagine there are those out there in the Heartland -- what's that exactly anyway? -- who would like it so.

Sorry, white guys. Those days have passed for good.

Note. I just thought about those days. We were in a war in Vietnam, a Cold War with the Soviet Union, a continuing arms race in which both sides spent billions on nuclear weapons, we were soon to enter a phase of stagflation that left our whole nation reeling, and then came the doubling of gas prices, twice, in one decade. Wages have been stagnant ever since. Happy days!

Nice going, white guys.

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