Friday, September 26, 2014

The Corruption of American Airwaves, Fox News Edition

This Outnumbered screen capture tells you all you need to know about
the tenor of show, from the graphic graphic to the legs, legs, legs.

There once was an "equal time" restriction on American television, meaning if you gave fifteen minutes to a Republican, you had to give fifteen minutes, then, to a Democrat. The price of access to American airwaves was political neutrality. That ended with cable, which doesn't need federally controlled bandwidth to operate.

Fox News shows why it has almost single-handedly corrupted any sense of political neutrality among news providers (though CNBC and Fox Business News gives it a run for its money):

I suppose the conservative echo chamber has produced such crazy echoes that few inside the bubble would realize that Eric Holder has championed a lot of reasonable causes and cases in the judicial world during his tenure. I have trouble with his going soft on the banksters -- who didn't? -- and his position as an enabler of NSA and Patriot Act shenanigans was deeply troubling. But you'll notice that this Fox panel raised no objection to those areas of his legacy. They drone on and on about, well, listen to the video. Deeply stupid and uninformed -- except for Outnumbered host Kirsten Power's takedown of the non-existent New Black Panther Party non-scandal on an election day in Philly, where nothing happened except in the universe of Fox News.

This kind of obnoxious talk doesn't exist on MSNBC, despite the media's obsession with false equivalency, unless, of course, you're talking Morning Joe, MSNBC's only conservative show. Joe Scarborough can get pretty nasty.

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