Monday, September 22, 2014

Hillary's Running. Now We Know on What.

HRC's been running forever. But we knew that.

TPM's Dylan Scott, a reporter I've enjoyed since he's matured at Josh Marshall's formidable site, has smartly laid out what Hillary Clinton is going to run on in 2016:
When Hillary Clinton spoke about women's economic issues last week at the Center for American Progress in Washington, the attuned listener might have caught a few phrases that sounded familiar. Laments about the fiscal plight of waitresses, bartenders, and hair stylists. The need for Americans to not only be able to get to the middle class, but stay there.
Read Scott's piece. It maps out a set of policies that can do double-duty by preparing an attack on the GOP as a whole while separating herself from the currently unpopular Barack Obama without attacking an administration in which she worked for four years. After all, Obama's failures can be laid at the feet of recalcitrant Republicans in Congress, a message that has the added power of being true.

I have misgivings about Clinton's centrist stances in some areas, but I don't worry about her intentions in the area of social and economic equity. I can support her because of that. This TPM piece is reassuring to those wavering on HRC. And that means it's a pretty wise bit of positioning on her part as 2016 looms.

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