Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bobby Jindal, Rhodes Scholar, Loves Him Some Climate Change

A Rhodes Scholar should be good at bamboozlement, don't you think?

Bobby Jindal sure hopes so. He's come up with something totally Rovian! (He hungers to please the master...) He calls Democrats and Obama "science deniers," as in they deny the science of using tar sands and coal to power our country when all they want to do is fight darned climate change. Losers!
"It's not controversial to say human activity is contributing in some way to change," he said. "In terms of how much it is and how serious it is, I say let the scientists decide that. Let's not have politicians decide that."
See what he did there? The fact is, Democrats and Obama are letting the scientists decide that. (The scientists have already decided.) Then the Democrats and Obama wish to use political methods to move the country to concrete action.

Sorry, Bobby, you've got your Rhodes Scholarship where the sun don't shine, and you've got Karl Rove to thank. You think you're tricky, but you end up looking dicky. Nice try.

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