Monday, July 28, 2014

The Way They Roll: MS Gov Refuses ACA Medicaid Expansion and...

...the uninsured go up in Mississippi! Who's fault is that? Obama's.

Mississppi's Governor (and horrible human being) Phil Bryant. Uninsured
growing in your state? Well, refuse Obamacare and then blame Obama!

We always wonder why they do this, and we always come up with the same conclusion: They opt to lie and deceive because it works among the several brain-dead coalitions that make up their base: uninformed white people, super-uninformed white people, Fox News white people, and Obama-Derangement-Syndrome informed white people. (Formerly called racists).

One of these days, guys like Bryant will wake up and find their base is seventeen white people in a Jackson diner. Till then, it's on with the bullshit because it's working!
July 27--JACKSON -- Gov. Phil Bryant placed the blame squarely on President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act for Mississippi's status as the only state where the number of people without health insurance has increased.
Says Bryant, in response to the news about Mississippi and its healthcare problems:
But Bryant said without expanding Medicaid or aggressively publicizing the exchange, "We are already making tremendous strides in increasing access to health care and health care services."
He cited the recent move to expand the University of Mississippi Medical School to produce more doctors and the development of "telehealth" to improve access for people in rural areas of the state as initiatives that will make a difference.
 I never knew that being full of crap is the road to the governorship of Mississippi, but, hey, dude's got grit! What about the three Southern states that accepted the Medicaid expansion?
Only three Southern states participated in the Medicaid expansion -- Arkansas, Kentucky and West Virginia. All three experienced some of the biggest drops in the percentage of uninsured residents -- 10.74 percent in West Virginia, 8.35 percent in Kentucky and 7.1 percent in Arkansas.
Proof that Obamacare isn't working! Well, proof in Mississippi, anyway.

This may have nothing to do with anything, but you've got to admit it's weird.

How weird is it?

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant on October 24, 2013, that's how weird.

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