Friday, July 4, 2014

If Your (Red) State Isn't Serving Your Interests, What Can You Do?

Turn it Blue. Register to vote. Vote. Tell your friends to vote. Work to register people who would support the issues you care about.

Obviously it's no secret that I feel Democrats better represent their constituents. I also believe that working to register minorities is the best way for residents of states, especially in the Sun Belt, South, and Mountain West, to change their political environment. Register minorities!

Why would registering minorities hurt GOP chances? Latinos, as a group, have even more reason since Republicans killed immigration reform (a key reason they did so was out of concern for what Latino voters could do to them in the future) to vote Democratic. And here's a study that show why Republican fears are justified. Here's the graphic from it:

And we're only talking Latino voters here. As for Asian voters, once solidly in the GOP camp, they've now shifted radically toward the Dems. Blacks have always been there, and after the GOP have been trying to prevent black voting, well, forget about it. As for women, after the Republican glee over blocking access to birth control in the Hobby Lobby case, you can bet they'll continue trending toward the Democratic Party.

Finally, look at the youth vote. Millennials are trending Democratic, too, because of social issues. The millennials just don't care about a host of issues that incense social conservatives, like gay marriage, race, abortion, etc. It will only get worse for the Republicans because their core constituency has been trending further right on social issues.

All the above groups don't tend to vote as much in off-year elections, and some of them resist getting registered to vote. Change those realities, and the future reality for the GOP is very dark indeed.

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