Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Henry Blodget Gets Real with Corportations Sharing Their Profits with Workers!

Are these workers hamburger manufacturers? Henry Blodget thinks so. (So do I.)

Imagine a really, really nice capitalist talking all socialist on you. You'd see Henry Blodget this morning on Yahoo! Blodget's explanation isn't really socialism, by the way, as much as libertarian conservatives might want you to think so. Blodget just explains why stifling middle-class wages (and thus producing a low-wage, lower-class, under-consuming society) is not actually good for the bottom line:

I like that he's honest about the notion that he wishes the government didn't have to step in to force corporations to act in the best interests of society with a minimum wage increase. Society should just make the decision that the well-being of workers is good for it. What Henry is not saying is that the way society makes decisions together is called government!

Note. Okay, it also could be Christian churches preaching that Jesus would want higher wages because, well, it's Christian to do unto others, etc. In the absence of that (not going to happen thing), then it's government, y'all. Go National Labor Relations Board!

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