Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hobby Lobby Is Not About Abortifacients. It's About ALL Birth Control. Whaa?

The Supreme Court clarified its ruling today. The decision is "narrow" in the sense that it's only -- so they say -- about birth control. Hobby Lobby objected only to two emergency contraceptives and two intrauterine devices.

Since some Catholic-owned companies object to ALL birth control, SCOTUS clarified that its decision includes all twenty forms that were covered in the ACA. Need I remind you that all five votes in the majority come from Catholics.

So it's not strictly about abortion. It is definitely also about sex. I'm not crazy for stressing that.

Swell. Read about it in TPM. Also, might as well throw in this legal opinion from Jeffrey Toobin about how potentially broad all these "narrow" SCOTUS decisions are.

Shoot me now. And I'm not even a woman.

Just threw in this random picture of Antonin Scalia so I can call him a dick again.


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