Friday, January 11, 2013

Video Roundup: A Portrait of the American Gun Crazy

It's hard for me to say it, but it might be true: Please, America's gun crazies, do come out of the woodwork. You are your own best advertisement for gun control. Tell me if I'm wrong:

A picture begins to emerge. Next, the Drudge Report goes all Hitler and Stalin about guns:

Okay, Earth to Drudge: What? Next, we find James Yeager, CEO of Tactical Response, a Tennessee company that offers weapons training:

Think it's time for some (not so) comic relief:

That's rich. The comedian is the most rational voice in this composite discussion of gun safety. But then we're talking Jon Stewart here. So, back to the crazy:

Umm, okay. Let's have a Gun Appreciation Day on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday. A civil rights leader who was gunned down on a balcony 44 years ago would have loved having guns celebrated on his birthday. And Larry Ward is right: If the early slaves had rocket launchers and Bradley armored vehicles, we might never have suffered slavery in America, period.

I wonder what Stephen Colbert would say about all of this:

Why would Stephen Colbert stoop to calling Wayne LaPierre crazy for proposing arming our schools -- with guns -- to protect our children from guns? I mean, why?

Jesse Ventura was elected to the governorship of Minnesota. He was not reelected. Wonder why:

Yes, now we're getting to it. We need guns -- virtually unlimited, unregulated guns -- in order to be ready to rise up against our government. You know, because countries like France, UK, Germany, Japan, Spain, well, all their citizens are ruled by the iron fist.

This has been a roundup of essentially mainstream discussions and arguments -- albeit replete with lots of the crazy. You want to really see the crazy? Go to YouTube and type "gun control" into the search line. Good hunting.

Note. A hat tip to the usual suspects like Huffington Post, TPM, Daily Kos, Raw Story, and all the sites I rely on for my view of the world. Thanks.

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