Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Random Revelation on a Comment Thread

I discovered this below the LA Times article of Phil Mickelson apologizing for complaining about the rising tax burden on his $48-million-a-year earnings on the PGA tour by swinging his club about seventy times about four times a week when he's on tour (courtesy the LA Times):
TrishaDoherty at 8:40 PM January 29, 2013 none of you leftists or your precious childrens lives are worth 30 million if it was my money, and I would watch you all die of starvation rather than pay for your food . You are unimportant to me, thus stop pretending your life is worth my tax dollars.
I suspect we've got work to do trying to win back the, uh, lost tribe. Oh, and if you think my quote is too random, here's the next in the thread:
Errol Koschewitz at 1:36 PM January 28, 2013 i agree  with  phil  let  the public  pension pay  62  percent of there  retirement  pay  good  lord it could be in debt close  2 a trilion  dollars  in calif no one reely nos or better  yet  let  the young kids  working at walmart  or starbucks at that awesome  mininmum wage no insurance pay for debt  for generations 2 come  wow  public  pension has destroyed calif
In case you think I'm not offering the other point of view, here's the very next one:
Eric Miller1 at 5:55 PM January 24, 2013 I totally agree with Phil. Things are getting out of hand here in California. For example, Two-Buck Chuck now cost $2.50! This is outrageous. I can no longer live the extravagent lifestyle that I feel entitled to lead. I am moving to Mexico.
Lay it out, straight, Eric Miller1! Thanks for you evolved view.

I'd like to mention that I don't claim this to be the authoritative, academic view of this issue. I only mean to point out that this is the level of what fuels the conversation known far and wide as the Tea Party.

Dude sponsored by a bank who rigged bank rates to skim profits even Phil Mickelson doesn't understand. Way cool, sorta.

Note. Uh, fuck Phil Michelson. Seriously. I don't have to explain. Fuck the dude. And I'm a lefty, too. (I mean in this case I'm left-handed.) I love golf. Dude inspired me. Fuck him. Go Tiger, and everyone else on the tour, for now, until someone else complains that taxing their freaking $48 million a year is, like, so lame. Asshole.

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