Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Pro-Life Party

Andrew Sullivan:
A spontaneous round of applause for executing people! And Perry shows no remorse, not even a tiny smidgen of reflection, especially when we know for certain that he signed the death warrant for an innocent man. Here's why I find it impossible to be a Republican: any crowd that instantly cheers the execution of 234 individuals is a crowd I want to flee, not join. This is the crowd that believes in torture and executions. Can you imagine the torture that Perry would authorize? Thank God he's doing so poorly tonight.
And, by the way, the audience cheering for executions is one of the low points in the history of presidential debates.

It's beyond a conundrum that the "party of life" not only allows the death penalty but celebrates it. This is the most telling event so far in 2011 in demonstrating the bankrupt nature of conservative values. Please don't let Rick Perry become president.

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