Friday, September 2, 2011

My Principles

The American Human is based on principles, mine and those of others that are persuasive. I'll generally be writing about these values as they are demonstrated (or not) by our society. So for starters, I value these principles, not necessarily in this order:

  1. Civilized societies require the rule of law.
  2. Science is my preferred method for examining and understanding reality.
  3. Religion is superstition.
  4. An educated society is a healthy society.
  5. Democratic governments are by their very nature socialist.
  6. Market economies are by their very nature capitalist.
  7. Markets are not (entirely) efficient or rational and thus require regulation.
  8. Don’t confuse politics with public policy.
  9. Civil discourse requires rational argument, even if yelling or stomping your feet or name-calling is more fun.
  10. If you consider making stuff up a viable tactic, you are disallowed from civil discourse.
  11. Puritanism is America’s original sin.
  12. Income redistribution is good for society, hoarding is not.
  13. Everybody, from time to time, needs help.

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