Friday, September 2, 2011

Every Breath You Take...

...apparently is going to be below the standards of the Clean Air Act and in accord with the Bush-era standards that the former president set in violation of the Act. Obama had promised to fix that but now appears, as is his style, to cave to Republicans without even using the move as a bargaining chip. He simply caves. Or, as we should perhaps accept by now, he's to the right of Nixon. Most of his actions demonstrate this.

This falls into the category of violating my principle of accepting science as a guiding light. We don't examine the world and say, "This amount of ozone at ground level is bad for our health but hard on business, so let's compromise and do what's good for business." We say, "This amount of ozone at ground level is bad for our health, so let's reduce it through regulation. Business can accommodate itself to regulations. Besides, we'll all be healthier, and that's good for business!"

Makes sense to me. But not, apparently, to Obama. Oh, well.

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