Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Bedminster Dotard Attacks to Cover His Failings.

Trump golfed while Puerto Ricans suffered and died. For the Bedminster Dotard, it's all in a day's work.

Trump is pictured here golfing for the 23rd time in his first 19 weeks in office.

The Bedminster Dotard -- a name I discovered in a comments section in the WaPo -- has a well-worn M.O. Attack to cover up his failings, which beyond mere incompetence includes a stunning lack of empathy. But, oh well, what's a narcissist to do?

He was so busy golfing -- and tweeting about NFL players taking a knee -- while Puerto Rico was being devastated that he managed to stall the aid to an American territory. Why? We all know why.

But give this a look to see the power of his thin-skinned outrage at being criticized, however obliquely. This is grotesque, and people will die because of his purposeful dysfunction. How long do we survive this? How long must we?

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