Thursday, May 5, 2016

The View from Denmark: It's Trump! (I Never Knew I'd Miss #NeverTrump)

I went to Denmark just in time for the apocalypse. Holy shit.

It's pretty here, and there's no Trump.

As I emailed a friend, hearing that Trump had won Indiana, forcing Cruz and Kasich to drop out (!), made me think that zombies had actually invaded the U.S. and that we here across the pond hope they never make it here, and that maybe we actually have to build the wall after all.

Yes, Denmark is actually a well-developed Bernie-bro-before-there-was-a-Bernie country, with leggy blonde socialists on bikes to prove it. So the apocalypse looks especially dire from here, not that they care much. At this point they are amused at the March of the Zombies, also known as the Republican Party.

(Quick update: I'm staying in a Copenhagen apartment that looks and feels right down to its silverware drawer like an Ikea store. I know that this is Denmark, not Sweden, but I have the feeling that the Scandinavians believe if they design everything as perfectly as possible, the coming apocalypse will bypass them entirely.)

We actual Americans cannot afford to be amused. But if only to not go mad, read this Andrew O'Herir piece at Salon to feel better. It's actually the keenest account of what's just happened as I've yet found.

So, stay indoors and bar the door. They're coming!

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