Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Is Trump Staking Out the Tax Return Fraidy Cat Position? (Mitt Romney Is the Bigger Hypocrite Here.)

It's hilarious when the last GOP presidential candidate and the first to fudge his tax-return releases becomes the spokesmodel for condemning Trump's refusal to release his. This IS reality TV, isn't it? (Survivor: Tax Return Island)

Losers should hang out together more often.

This story can write itself, but here's a little help. Romney here and Trump here.

Of course, now we'll get to hear a bunch of GOPers demanding Hillary release the transcripts to her speeches to private groups. Apples and oranges, but we'll hear it and probably more.

"I'll release my tax returns when Hillary releases the last ten years of MasterCard records!"

Sniveling cowards. The GOP has invented a new form of stupid, relying on their base to not care. But in the general? Right. Stupid.

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