Monday, May 9, 2016

Greatest Country in the World! (Unless You're Poor in Fresno, CA)

First, pay the timid immigrants shit wages. Then, let them live in squalor. Want to build a wall, Donald? How about around Fresno? And make their housing inspectors pay for it.

Livin' the dream in Fresno.

Living in California most of my life, I've passed through Fresno dozens of times. As in pass through. It's not a city about which you say "I think I'll move to Fresno for the good life!" But it is in the heart of one of the richest agricultural regions in America and has a decent state university known for its sports and ag and oenology (winemaking) programs. And there must be some gated communities somewhere.

Now, though, it's better known for being a hellhole. Good on ya, Fresno! Attract a bunch of farmworkers and treat them like shit.


Okay, boys and girls, let's get out there and vote like good little limited-government Republicans. After all, who needs housing inspectors when you can keep 'em down on the farm at shit wages? Capitalismo!

Note. Yes, California is the bluest of blue states, but the Central Valley is different. Because the Okies came here and settled during the Depression, it's like having Alabama smack in the middle of, well, er, California. Great for growing food, but a political and cultural shithole.

Just an opinion! (You move there.)

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