Tuesday, March 4, 2014

When Credibility Doesn't Matter Anymore

Brains and honesty needed to be senator? Apparently not anymore...

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has just surpassed Ted Cruz for most bodacious disingenufier of 2014. But who am I to Judge? Let Josh Marshall at TPM call it. He titled his post on this "Good Lord Is This Guy Stupid."

You could make a case that Obama's dislike of threatening to bomb the shit out of you at the slightest provocation might cause a thug like Putin to act, well, like a thug, but to suggest that something that didn't happen -- and has been proved by a REPUBLICAN REPORT NOT TO HAVE HAPPENED -- was the cause of what's going on currently in Ukraine, well, stupid is a relatively generous term to use.

Keep it up Lindsey. Soon, you'll have "welcome on Meet the Press for life" status.

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