Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tom Friedman Reminds Us Why We're Screwed

In the credit-where-credit-is-due department, Tom Friedman had a good article today. Example:
There are a lot of people who seem intent on restarting the Cold War — in both Moscow and Washington. I am not one of them. But if we’re going to have a new Cold War, then I have one condition: I want a new moonshot.
he Space Race and the technologies it produced weren’t purely an offshoot of the U.S.-Soviet missile competition, but they were certainly energized by that competition. Well, if we’re going to go at it again, this time I want an Earth Race. I want America to lead in developing an energy policy that will weaken the oil-and-gas-autocracy of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and, as a byproduct, produce the technologies that will mitigate climate change, make America a global technology and moral leader and ensure that the next generation can thrive here on Earth. 
nd as opposed to the stimulus/deficit debate, in the energy case, there really is now the raw material for a “Grand Bargain” between Democrats and Republicans — if President Obama wants to try to forge it. Such an energy grand strategy would be a first. It’s shocking how devoid of strategic intent U.S. energy policy has been. Both political parties have repeatedly let our economy be hostage to Middle Eastern and Latin American oil despots and to energy booms and busts.
Great, Friedman, just great. However, one thing Friedman is good at is looking for third ways and grand bargains. In the first case, there are no third ways, and in the second case, there are no grand bargains.

So, thanks, Tom, for a good article reminding us that we're screwed. The only grand bargain we're going to find these days is at Walmart, and they sell crap and cheat their workers. We're doomed. Nice try.

See, Charlie, I propose third ways and grand bargains. That's WHAT. I. DO.

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