Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Republicans Demand Obama Take Actions on Ukraine That He's Already Taken

"Okay, I'll call him feckless and you say he makes you roll your eyes. Then, when
we end up agreeing with his actions, the American people won't notice. Should work."

That's right, Republicans demand action. Obama has already acted. The Republicans hate Obama's actions on Ukraine. They say America looks weak because Obama, then recommend the same weak actions be taken because there isn't much America can do. And it's Obama's fault. Why didn't Obama realize that there was damned little he could do because Ukraine is like next to Russia, a country that dominated Ukraine for most of 300 years, and like you know about 2% of our trade is with Russia or Ukraine, so why didn't Obama have Ukraine moved to maybe Texas, or next to Texas so we'd have some way of influencing the situation! Feckless! Weak! But don't send troops or bomb or even send an aircraft carrier because even Republicans know we can't do that. Why? Obama or something!

It's the Cold War all over again! Except it's not! Where's Reagan, huh? He'd know what to do because he's not Obama. Reagan would have ideas! He'd probably trade arms with Iran and send the money to the freedom fighters in Ukraine. Yeah, that's the ticket!

"Well, they're on to us, boys, on Iran-Contra. I'll pretend I didn't know that
I did it. Then I'll shake my head just so. Always worked in the movies."

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