Thursday, March 6, 2014

Paul Ryan Has Redefined Compassion

Paul Ryan, friend of the poor and noted asshole.

Actually, as a former teacher who knows the value of nutrition and its connection to learning, I find this new bit from Representative Paul Ryan particularly galling:
Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Ryan said Republicans offer their constituents "ideas" while Democrats offer a "full stomach and an empty soul."
Now, I had thought that Paul Ryan wanted to redefine the relationship between his party and the poorest among us. But, no, he actually wants, as analyses of his new positions regarding poverty have shown, to cut spending on the poor, so far, in every case. So now he goes after free lunch programs. Sheesh.

Hey, Ryan, the reason for feeding the poor at school is that it's a great place -- since kids have to go to school anyway -- to make sure children all have at least one good meal a day. And there's one more reason: Kids do not learn well on an empty stomach. So we feed them!

Sorry, but this has to be said: Ryan, you're an asshole.

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