Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Riddle Me This: Why Is the 2nd Amendment Immutable When the 4th Is Already Gone?

The 4th Amendment: Like Schödinger's cat, it's both alive and dead depending on
a random event, like the NSA deciding, or not, whether the right to privacy exists.

Yes, in today's chief thought experiment, we have a right to privacy depending on something random, like James Clapper deciding how much truthiness we're entitled to.


President Barack "Yes we can spy on you" Obama continued the thought experiment by essentially saying that James Clapper should have lied better, or something:
I think that Jim Clapper himself would acknowledge, and has acknowledged, that he should have been more careful about how he responded,” Obama told CNN in an interview that aired Friday. “His concern was that he had a classified program that he couldn’t talk about, and he was in an open hearing in which he was asked, he was prompted to disclose a program, and so he felt he was caught between a rock and a hard place.”
As far as the 4th Amendment is concerned, then, we see that the president believes it's between a rock and a hard place, in a sort of existential limbo, where truth is very much a Schrödinger's cat, in an unresolved quantum state, such that it's either alive or dead and the reality of its state is unobservable.

Okay then, just so we know.

I'd say it's time to try the thought experiment on the 2nd Amendment, but Wayne Lapierre has already done so:

Wayne Lapierre, and a hell of a lot of Americans, just took out their guns and blew away Schrödinger's cat. They just redefined its fucking quantum state, motherfucker.

See, that wasn't complicated.

A last thought, though: Why do 2nd Amendment advocates react that way for the 2nd Amendment and not the 4th?

Oh, I forgot. They're not worried. They're the good guys. Somewhere between the good guys and the bad guys, Schrödinger's cat lives! Or not. And that's a hell of a state to be in. (Florida?)

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