Tuesday, March 4, 2014

By Law Hospitals Have to Be Open to the Poor, So Florida Passes a Law That Closes Them

Florida Governor Rick Scott stands his ground on Medicaid.
Hey poors, no insurance for you! Hospitals? Bite me.

We've known that Medicare-fraudster-turned-governor Rick Scott cares little about poor people or healthcare, for that matter, after the feds pulled the plug on his Medicare cheating. Now, besides, not expanding Medicaid for the poor under Obamacare, he and Florida Republicans have decided to limit Medicaid recipients to six visits per year to Florida ERs. Smart move, says Daily Kos:
The state knew it was out of compliance imposing these limits because when they asked the feds for a waiver to do it, they were turned down. They knew that they could lose funding, and did it anyway. But that, as well as expansion refusal, are just part of the major Medicaid fiasco for Florida. The state has also passed a law back in 2011 that will be implemented in July, and could cost some hospitals in the state hundreds of millions of dollars. The law set up a new distribution system for funding, redistributing federal Medicaid dollars around the state.
Now the state's hospitals stand to lose over $300 million because of Florida's intransigence. Nice going, GOP. Seriously, like Daily Kos says, WTF?

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