Thursday, February 1, 2018

Trump Lied Throughout His SOTU Speech. Now He Lies about Viewer Numbers. Typical.

What's with this obsession with the biggest, the best, the most? Any guesses? And when Trump is none of the above, he's forced to turn to lies, which has led to a lifetime of living in a bubble.

The most, the best, the biggest...drum roll...liar. Yes, the real Donald Trump.

He can't help himself:

Here Trump pulls a bit of a switcheroo by claiming the "highest number in history." Yes, Fox's number was highest in cable-news history, but Trump's numbers were well below Obama's at 48 million. Variety offers up the stats:
In total, President Trump’s address drew 45.6 million viewers across broadcast and cable, according to the final Nielsen tally. That number does not include those who live-streamed the speech.
Obama’s first State of the Union in 2010 drew 48 million viewers across broadcast and cable, while his first address before a joint session of Congress in February 2009 drew 52.4 million viewers.
Trump's first joint-session speech last year was some 12 million shy of Obama's, so Trump came up short there, too. Sad!

Note. Yeah, this kind of exercise is increasingly boring, but chronicling the on-going deception is necessary to deflect Trump's wretched narcissism toward accountability. (Snooze.)

Update. Trump's numbers were below George W. and Clinton, as well. Super Sad!

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