Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Only Fraud the Voter Fraud Commission Uncovered Was Its Chairman, Kris Kobach

In what may be the starkest example of zero accomplishment, Trump's commission on election integrity is shutting down and destroying its voter data, but not before turning over the results of its investigation to Homeland Security. Trouble is, there is no voter data and therefore no results. Neat trick.

Kansas Secretary of State would be a deer in the
headlights if he was a deer or had headlights.

Trump's voter fraud commission closed down for good, mostly because it couldn't find any voter fraud. It didn't help that election officials in the various states said "fuck off" to virtually all and any requests for voter data.

So when Kris Kobach made a big show of handing the investigation over to the Department of Homeland Security, he neglected to mention there was nothing left over to hand over:
In a court filing on Tuesday, the White House announced that it had not uncovered any preliminary findings of voter fraud in the 2016 election and that it would be destroying confidential voter data initially collected for President Trump’s controversial voter fraud commission, which was disbanded on January 3.
“The Commission did not create any preliminary findings,” White House Director of Information Technology Charles C. Herndon said. “In any event, no Commission records or data will be transferred to the DHS or another agency, except to NARA [the National Archives and Records Administration] if required, in accordance with federal law.”
He added that “no Commission member was provided access to the state voter data prior to the Commission’s termination and none has access now.”
This is another blessed example of harm that didn't happen because the Trump administration is so incompetent. I wish that were so in every case.

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