Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Absolutely Fabulous: Judge Rules in Favor of DACA Because Trump Praised It in a Tweet

A presidential tweet is a presidential statement. So it has been determined. Soooo, Trump bites himself on the ass again.

"Whaddya mean I should shut up? Talking's all I got."

Earth to Trump: Quit with the tweets. Court to Trump: Your tweet is gold, so DACA stays.

No fooling, ninth circuit court judge ruled that HHS illegally ended the DACA program when it said it was an illegal Obama executive order. Only courts can do that, silly! And anyway, Trump likes DACA, he said so himself, so the fact that the country's highest executive like it means it stays, pending adjudication. Snap!
[Federal District Court Judge] Alsup was tasked with, among other things, determining whether it would serve the public interest to leave DACA in place while litigation over the decision to scrap the program proceeds.
On this point, he had an easy answer: Trump himself had expressed support for DACA on Twitter in September, just days after Department of Homeland Security officials rescinded it.
So what does Donnie do? Of course he tweets something stupid. Like clockwork.

On and on it goes.

Update. I found another article pointing out that Judge Alsup referenced in his ruling another Trump tweet that proved legal necessity wasn't the reason for shutting down DACA but that it was political maneuvering:

Just completely rich.

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