Friday, January 5, 2018

Face Up to It: America Isn't Great (as in Not Even Close)

As I've said before, we kick ass at music, especially since the late 19th century til now, but the rest of it, man, we've got some real work to do.

Sure, this is Baltimore, and sure, this is a black school. Glad it's not systemic racism!

I don't often link to blogs (h/t Atrios), but this is an important exception. Letting kids freeze in public schools sucks beyond comprehension.
The [Baltimore] city school system closed four schools all day Wednesday and dismissed students early from Frederick Douglass High School and Cecil Elementary School, which also had heating problems.
The four that were closed all day were Calverton Elementary/Middle School, Elementary/Middle Alternative Program, KIPP Harmony Academy and Lakeland Elementary/Middle School.
But parents, teachers and students said heating and piping troubles were far more widespread.
Fucking U.S.A.

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