Friday, December 29, 2017

Trump, the U.S. President, Lies Nearly Once a Minute in Rare, Taped Interview

Oddly, the title of this post is neither hyperbole nor misleading, as Trump supporters relish it while Trump detractors' heads don't even explode. Trump's unreality is our reality.

On Monday, Trump said he was heading back to work. By Friday, he hadn't,
playing an additional four days of golf. At one point, he opened his mouth
for an interview. What came out wasn't pretty, or true, but hey, he's Trump.

I suppose musing on the truthiness of Donald Trump is a losing game, stuck between amusement and disgust. So we leave it to Glenn Kessler's Fact Checker.
President Trump gave an impromptu half-hour interview with the New York Times on Dec. 28. We combed through the transcript and here’s a quick roundup of the false, misleading or dubious claims that he made, at a rate of one every 75 seconds. (Some of the interview was off the record, so it’s possible the rate of false claims per minute is higher.)
Imagine that. Kessler's assumption is that the off-the-record part contained more lies. What ever gave him that impression?

I remind everyone he's our president, much as most Americans wish that fact would just go away, like that first DUI.

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